Coming Soon! Launching Summer 2021

Get the App

Download the Triggered app on all of your devices to make it simple for you to reach out in your time of need. Triggered has a variety of different applications for different platforms as well as extensions for other tools to make sure you have what you need to Overcome with Triggered!

Build your Team

Triggered is designed to make it simple to reach out for support and accountability. Choose the right partners who will support and encourage you in your time of need. We need eachother in order to break free. After you get the app, build your team that will help you succeed!

Click the Button

When you are feeling “Triggered”, reach out immediately by clicking the Triggered button. Pressing the trigger button sends out instant text alerts to your group via SMS, email and push notifications. We can help ensure you get the accountability you need to find victory.

Receive Support

Expecting a call will give you the strength to fight, knowing that your team has been notified and will be reaching out to encourage and support you. Your team will be reaching out as soon as possible. Let’s support eachother. We are in this together!