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Michael and Heather Norgren


As the founders of Triggered, Michael and Heather are using their story of addictions to help others break free. For much of his life, Michael struggled with an addiction that he couldn't seem to overcome. He tried counseling, pastoral support, recovery programs, bible studies and conferences. In all of these environments, he learned the importance of vulnerability and reaching out for support when he was feeling tempted.

As a wife to a former addict, Heather is now able to use her story of betrayal to help others who are hurting from broken relationships. Throughout her journey, she has learned much about her own individual healing and how to come along side someone struggling with addiction with healthy boundaries. God has also freed her from the unhealthy coping behaviors that she used to escape the pain brought into their marriage due to Michael's addiction.

Michael uses his abilities of developing software to create tools to help people in their journey to healing. Heather is using her gifts and passions to connect with individuals, businesses and ministries to find more effective ways to partner together to bring hope and healing to more people. Together, they use their story to bring God glory.